Harnessing Lipid Biology to Protect and Repair CNS Function

About Us

At Kisbee Therapeutics, we are engineering recombinant lipoproteins to target the core biological systems underlying neurodegenerative diseases. Our work represents a novel approach to address the problem of lipid dysregulation observed across many CNS (central nervous system) diseases.

Science & Portfolio

Genetically Validated Approach to Restore Lipid Homeostasis

A growing body of scientific evidence has linked dysfunctional lipid biology to the onset and severity of neurodegenerative disease.

Human genetics has shown that ineffective lipoprotein function as well as mutations in lipid transport genes are central drivers of neurodegeneration. Failure to properly regulate lipid transport between neurons, astrocytes, and microglia leads to excitotoxicity, impaired debris clearance, protein accumulation, inflammation, and reduced lysosomal function, all hallmarks of many neurodegenerative diseases.

By use of our highly optimized, engineered lipoproteins, also known as Kisbee Discs, we are able to intervene and restore lipid homeostasis – gathering and transporting lipids to where they are needed.

Kisbee is focused on advancing programs where we can use biomarkers to connect relevant biology in genetically defined patient populations to improve our ability to demonstrate efficacy and to further characterize the potential therapeutic benefit of our approach. Alzheimer’s disease, along with several other rare, chronic, and acute neurodegenerative conditions, are in focus for initial therapeutic development efforts.

Patients & Families

At Kisbee, we have a shared mission with the patient communities we serve to develop new and impactful therapies. We know this mission is best achieved by working together and by having the patient’s perspective of the diseases we are researching.

Our Commitment

To listen, really listen, to the patient communities we serve to understand unmet needs and your lived experience

To be transparent about our work

To actively partner with advocacy organizations globally throughout the drug development process

If you have questions or would like to connect with a member of our patient advocacy team, please contact us at patients@kisbeetx.com


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Join us in creating a new class of therapeutics for neurodegenerative disease

Kisbee is developing lipid-based therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases and CNS injuries by bringing together passionate scientists and drug developers. Our diverse experiences and perspectives enable us to support and challenge one another, fostering care, respect, and collaboration. New ideas and innovation fuel us. Science and data guide us. Novel challenges and opportunities bring out our best. We are passionate and driven, and we aspire to overcome obstacles with creativity and careful risk-taking, striving to make a difference for patients.

We Value

Inherent Trust

We show up, we speak with honesty and deliver what we promise. We are confident in one another’s capabilities, display integrity in all things, and assume best intent knowing that we each keep everyone’s best interests at heart

Unconditional Respect

We embrace our different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints to strengthen our fabric and enhance our outcomes. Our interactions are driven by universal compassion, so we act with humility and a willingness to understand everyone’s perspective

Unabashed Curiosity

We leverage our relentless passion for our patients, our business, and our science by creatively looking at things through a different lens, humbly considering alternatives, and remaining eager to learn

Thoughtful Transparency

We share what we should, when we should. We trust each other to demonstrate sound discernment and to honor the best interests of the individuals when sharing

Fearless Pursuit

We exercise mature judgment so we’re entrusted to think, experiment, and discover for ourselves. We’re not afraid to take informed risks, embrace challenges, and push boundaries in order to grow Kisbee and support patients

We are actively hiring across a range of roles in R&D, HR, Finance, and Operations. To inquire about open roles, please email recruiting@kisbeetx.com